Wow! What a project and what an impact we had on our communities!

We had heard from other areas of the country who had delivered angels in the past, but, truth be told, we were not prepared for the level of response that we received.

About 35 people came together at the Angel Dedication Service on 6th December to bless the Angels as they went out to be a blessing to others. Eleven churches, and some ecumenical partners, took angels, with some being kept to share in the areas around the Circuit Centre. After dark on 11th December they were placed in the local communities – bus stops and train stations, shops and doctor surgeries, on school railings and in many other places.

So that we could get a sense of people’s responses to finding the angels, we asked people to forward items from Social Media or other sources. They were first distributed on the Monday evening and the responses started around 8.30pm. Many were about how the angels had made people smile on a dull morning.

Some, though, were very meaningful. One lady wrote about how her son had been taken to be with the angels earlier in the year and this angel that the lady had found helped her to know he is safe. Another said that her husband had died a few days before; she was feeling alone and the angel had reminded her that she wasn’t.

The beauty of the angels is that many were taken to be put on Christmas trees; at the beginning of January they will have been packed away in a box and hidden away, but in December 2018, they will come out again and just maybe people will see an angel and remember that it was a gift of shared love at Christmas from their local church.

Last year we managed 1665 and would love to surpass that number this year. So please get your knitting needles out and start knitting. Angels have already started to appear in the Children and Schools Work office and we would love to have many more to join them. If your church is interested in being involved with distributing angels in Advent 2018, please get in touch with the team and let us keep sharing the Good News of Christmas in as many ways as we can.

Thank for all those who participated and we look forward throngs of angels arriving with us and going out to others as a sign of God’s love to them.

Emma, Nic, Nick and Rachel, Children and Schools team