Exciting times at Greasby! Here are just some of the ways we are working with families in our community.

Hope Journey

Hope Journey is now enjoyed by all three schools in the local community – Brookdale Primary School, Greasby Infants School and Greasby Junior School – a programme which has built up over six years.

  • Epiphany – Journey with the Kings (Year 1)
  • Meet The Characters (Year 2)
  • Cre-8 (Year 4)
  • Cross Factor (Year 5)
  • Remembering (Year 6)

This year we are also presenting Explore for Year 3 and Sharing Parables for F2, so that the children can attend Greasby Methodist Church once a year for a different Hope Journey.  At the end of this academic year nearly every child in the Greasby community will have visited us, as well as the staff and many parents who accompany the children. Children are presented with a gift bag which may include a story book, gift (a pencil or bracelet), prayer cards, colouring leaflets, a welcome to GMC, an invitation to Messy Church, a Say One for Me request card – as well as a sweet treat!  We hope our gospel messages are shared with families at home.  This year we will have welcomed 529 children and 79 adults into church.  The evaluation feedback is amazing – they just want more!

Messy Church

Messy Church has been offered every third Saturday (except August) since September 2014.  We follow a traditional format – a welcome with refreshments, a time of activities (food, craft, games) learning about the theme, followed by family worship and a meal together to talk about what we have been learning.  Whilst attendance averages over 70, it was a joy to welcome 90+ for a Messy Christmas.  This year we combined Messy Christmas with a Christingle, which was very much appreciated by all.  Our feedback forms (placed on dinner tables) ask two questions – Today was good because… and ‘Even better if….  Through this we have learnt that families want Messy Church every week.  What a challenge! But the Lord continues to provide and meet our every need and we continue to thank Him for this wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with families in Greasby.

Ecumenical Assembly Team (EAT)

Greasby Methodist Church works in partnership with St John’s Anglican church as EAT, presenting assemblies at each of our three local schools on alternative weeks. Following The Greatest Story Ever Told, the children hear an introduction, the story taught through drama, a Christian message, a lively action song and a closing prayer. In addition, children, staff and parents from the three schools attend Christmas services at St Johns’.  The Junior School visit the Methodist Church for an Easter Celebration in Lent each year – 380 attended this year!  All Year 6 children are presented with a copy of the Scripture Union ‘It’s Your Move’, signed and jointly funded by the churches.  Church members attend Harvest celebrations and also support the schools in other ways – listening to readers , and as members of the Governing Body.  What a joy and a privilege that the schools allow us to share the gospel so regularly with all members of the school community.

Sue Elliott