Friday Club wishes to thank everyone for the donations of money, socks and underwear, packets of food and seeds, tin openers, plasters, trainers and any other items to the above charity.

Thank you to those who helped in any way on the day of the visit and to those who helped with packing the stationery bags.  We were able to give the children, their leaders and their helpers a lovely lunch. A bag containing lots of stationery was given to each child and the leaders. They were also presented with a greetings card made by Friday Club, hats, mittens and scarves knitted by the Coffee and Craft group, and a hat especially for the ice skating session knitted by Eileen Perkins, along with gloves donated by David from Little Sutton Pharmacy.

A donation of £1764.00  was presented to the charity at the farewell party. We were once again overwhelmed by the extent of your support for these children who do not enjoy a lot of the things we take for granted.  The report of the Children’s visit is attached.

Thank you once again for the part you played in helping us with this venture.  We could not do this without you, our church family and friends, along with our circuit friends and other churches.

Thank you to Wilkinson’s, ASDA and Sainsbury’s for their support and also to The Art & Craft Factory in Huddersfield for pencil cases and craft materials.

Click here to download a report of the visit.

Marion and Kathy, Little Sutton