The Wirral FUSS project, based at St. Luke’s Hoylake and with seven Hubs around the Wirral, continues its important work of supplying good quality school uniform to those who require it. We do this FREE of charge and irrespective of family circumstance – while preventing or delaying textile waste from entering landfill, and encouraging re-use. Wirral FUSS is concerned with social welfare and response to human need, raising awareness of poverty and disadvantage, and encouraging greater care of the environment. Since the project started in 2012, we have helped over 3400 families and given away some 18,000 items of school uniform! In the last six months alone we have also prevented 2.6 Metric Tonnes of clothing from ending up in landfill.

Wirral FUSS is only as good as its volunteers. At our Birkenhead Hub, Petra, Pat and Allison have worked with great energy and enthusiasm to establish our pop-up shop in the Pyramids Shopping Centre (see our website for current details). The shop, which moves its location every six weeks, has been helping families in the Birkenhead area for nearly a year. Since the Hub was established in 2015, Petra and the team have helped over 900 families and given away more than 4000 clothing items! They are reaching people who are in most need of our service, especially those requiring Primary school clothing, and helping those who are less likely to access our resource online.

We are now looking to establish a more permanent presence in the centre of Birkenhead, building on these tremendous efforts. The shop has broadened the scope of the project and raised its profile. Frank Field MP has expressed his support for the project: “This is such a good initiative .. tackling need right at the grass roots”.

If you need school uniform or if you have clothing to donate, please get in touch: on 0151 632 6524; email:, or visit the website for more information: