Our Prayer Shawl Ministry is growing and these are well received by those who need them at a time in their lives when they need some warmth and love. The shawls are blessed in a church service before they are taken out by one of our members.  This does not have to be someone from our own church; they can be given to anyone.

The following prayers are laminated and sent out with the shawls or blankets.  I hope this will encourage more churches around the circuit to get involved with this wonderful ministry.

These can be crocheted or knitted and bring comfort to those who receive them. You can read more about this ministry on Google under Prayer Shawls.

This is a shawl to encircle you.
This is a shawl to empower you.
This is to show you I love you.
This is a shawl of protection.
This is a shawl of wholeness.
This is a shawl of strength.
This is a shawl of healing.
This is a shawl of patience.

“Remember, when you rest your gift on your shoulders or across your lap, you are covered in prayer as well as the love of your church family. Wear it for its beauty, for its warmth, for its solace, for comfort in prayer.”

“The person who made your shawl prayed while they were making it.  That person may not have known your name or your circumstances but their prayer was that this shawl would bring you God’s comfort for the challenges you are facing.”