Free Uniforms for Primary Schools (FUPS)

At St Andrew’s United Church we are the Wallasey Hub for FUPS. This is a venture which we share with Seacombe United Reformed Church and it is proving very successful.

School uniforms which are no longer required, usually because children have outgrown them, are donated by parents and carers either through the school or directly to us at St Andrew’s. We check and sort them, wash and iron them if necessary (though most are immaculate!), and sometimes replace lost buttons or do other minor repairs. We then store them in our very organised and efficient storeroom until they are needed.

Parents and carers can request any items of uniform and we will do our best to supply them. If there is something we don’t have we can contact other Hubs to see if they can help.

This service has been an enormous help to some families who have financial difficulties, and we are very pleased about that. However, this service is open to everyone, not just those in need. Its purpose is much wider than that. It helps to protect the environment by recycling good quality used clothing which would otherwise probably end up in landfill. Any donated items which are not suitable for redistribution are collected as waste and then used for a variety of purposes.

Thanks go to all our volunteers who help to provide this very worthwhile, successful, and much appreciated service for our community.

Sheila Fidler, St. Andrew’s