Claremount is one of the many churches and voluntary organisations with a vision and determination to do something about the mismatch between the food needs of local people and food loss from supermarket and other wastage.

We were intrigued by the idea of being a local hub for people who need a bit of help, and for the opportunity to make new friendships while at the same time preventing staggering food waste. We felt this went hand in hand with our aim to serve the community with the love of Jesus Christ and to care for God’s creation.

We therefore entered into a partnership with ‘Fed Up’, a project run by the Wirral Development Trust and funded by Wirral Borough Council set up to combat the rising levels of food poverty in the Wallasey constituency. Their goal is to work with existing charities, community groups, faith groups, schools and businesses to setup hubs within each ward, with the aim of giving people the support they need to move out food poverty.

We are one of fifteen hubs operating throughout the wider Wallasey area, offering a range of services. Claremount offers a social supermarket, open three days a week, where food which would otherwise go to waste can be put to good use.

This initiative goes hand-in-hand with our determination to become a church which cares for the earth. Towards this, the church has recently been awarded a Bronze Award as an Eco church, and is progressing towards the Silver award, joining together with such disparate churches as Salisbury Cathedral and Romsey Methodist Church in Hampshire. You can read more about this initiative at

Amanda Pauls, Church and Community Development Lay Employee