On 4th June 2016 seventeen children and two leaders arrived at Manchester Airport.

Our group of children arrived tired after their long journey. Many had travelled over-night to reach Minsk. Most came from the Stolin area, a highly radio-active area near to the Ukraine border. Most will never have ventured outside of their local area and so this was the start of a big adventure.

We were delighted to welcome Maryia back and to meet Sviatlana as our leaders, both teachers in Belarus.  We hosted 10 girls:- Alesyia, Alina, Dasha, Dasha, Dziyana, Karina, Kristina, Ksusha,  Lera  and Ryma and 7 boys Andrei, Dima, Ilya, Vadizm, and Venya and Dima and Styopa who were repeat visitors.

Ahead of them was a month of activities, from dental fillings to magic shows! Download the full report here and share their joy!