Greasby is blessed to have a strong Ecumenical Assemblies Team. This team, a partnership between St Johns CoE, St Nicolas CoE and the Methodist Church delivers assemblies at three local primary schools on alternate weeks. Since September 2015 we have been journeying through the Old Testament, showing through the lives of Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, King Saul, Elijah and Elisha how God is with us every day and will give courage and strength to those who trust Him.

The children enjoy the stories told through drama, message, action songs and prayers.
This year all three schools held Christmas services at St Johns, and it was a real blessing as many families joined us to celebrate the birth of Christ. At Easter, we welcomed over 300 children, staff and parents from Greasby Junior School for a time of reflection about what we celebrate at Easter and were able to share the good news.
It is a blessing to be allowed to share the gospel in these ways, and a privilege that the schools allow us to do this, as that is not the case in many other schools. We continue to pray that the children and staff will reflect on the messages and may come to know Jesus for themselves. – Sue Elliott