For the last 53 years each 1st Saturday afternoon of the month (excluding August) St. Luke’s, Hoylake has hosted their Saturday Club.

The purpose of the club is twofold – to encourage and stimulate the members; who have a variety of learning difficulties; to be more able to integrate with one another and the community around them. Additionally, to provide respite for the members parents /carers.

At present there are 23 regular members who attend. Our leaders are of varying age to enable all aspects of care and understanding that is required by our members.

Each meeting has an activity and a special time when all sit down for afternoon tea and celebrate together.

Through demonstration of love and friendships and staff skills, we have encouraged new areas of activity alongside old favourites, to our members; all of which have been readily received. Such activities as painting, craft, baking, Zumba, sport, puppets, board games, gardening and drama.

We aim to build on these skills and activities to encourage new horizons for our members to be fulfilled, and leave each session with a love, warmth and knowledge that they are all enhancing everyone’s lives and are truly loved by God.