Irby Methodist Church Wives and Friends Society has served the needs of its members and friends for over 56 years. It was founded by a group of church members, mostly young, stay at home mums who wanted to meet together as a midweek fellowship. Originally called Irby Methodist Church Young Wives, the society has had 17 different presidents, numerous members serving on the committee and many members (now mostly retired) attending the meetings over the years.

It now meets at 8.00p.m on the second Thursday of the month. The notices may have changed from announcing the birth of a child to a member, to the safe arrival of a grandchild or even great grandchild, but the aim has stayed the same, to share in fellowship, love and friendship.

Some of the early members still come regularly to the meetings and the group was delighted to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of its founder members in September while a number of 80th birthdays have been celebrated over the last few years.

Our yearly programme consists of speakers talking about their experiences in their work life or their special interest or hobby, social evenings and outings possibly to the theatre or places of interest.  The membership has increased over the last few years to 57 with around 36 attending each meeting.  Today the group is made up of ladies who worship at Irby Methodist Church or other local churches and ladies who live in the surrounding areas of Pensby,  Greasby, Heswall, and Barnston. All are made very welcome.

Every meeting begins with the Wives Prayer thanking God for the blessings and joy he gives the group. Members of the group plan and participate in two more acts of worship throughout the year. In December the coming of Christmas is celebrated with a candlelit service held café-style in the hall and on the first Sunday in March an anniversary service is held in church with a guest preacher to lead the worship.

Care and support is given to wives and friends who have been unwell, bereaved or required hospital treatment by sending a card, giving flowers and having a visit.  Besides supporting each other the group likes to support a local charity choosing a different one each year. Nowadays there are few “stay at home mums” but we are delighted that the tradition continues and a new group known as “ Irby Methodist Mums” now meets in our church lounge (work and families permitting)  to share in fellowship and support each other.

In the words of part of the Wives Prayer “may we find that each meeting makes us more fit for one another and for Thee, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.” Amen

Ruth, Wives President


We also have a Ladies Fellowship which has been meeting together for many years and now is an ecumenical fellowship with ladies from the Mothers Union of our local parish church of St. Chad’s with St. Bartholomew’s. We meet fortnightly and manage to have a varied programme with speakers and not too many “ Own Arrangements” meetings.  We also hold a twice yearly soup lunch with proceeds going to MWiB’s charity for the year. We offer a warm and friendly welcome to all who wish to join us for fellowship.

Jean, President