Bromborough Methodist Church is working with children from Reaburn, Mendell and Woodslee Primary Schools. This is a summary of the work January to December 2016.

We offered the Hope Journey Epiphany event to all 3 schools. 124 Year 1 children and more than 21 adults witnessed a very exciting presentation of the visit of the Wise Men to the baby Jesus. 12 church members and friends worked with the Hope Journey team. Drinks and biscuits were provided for the children and all the children left with a card Wise Man to lead them back to school and safely home. Each group (9 groups) took home their map of their journey with stars of their gifts for Jesus written or drawn on them.

During Lent the church offers Journey to the Cross and Beyond for Year 5 pupils. The 153 children and 18 school adults met Mary and the Roman Soldier. They also experienced Palm Sunday and being at the Last Supper. Other workshops were “The Coventry Cross” and “Live Life, Love Lent”. After drinks and biscuits, they did a craft, making a paper cross. Prayers and the giving out of Palm crosses and Easter Cards finished the session. As at Christmas, helpers had lunch together. There were 24 church members and friends helping.

In the summer term we offered Journeying with Old Testament Characters (Year 4 children), which was originally requested by the schools to support their curriculum. After discussing “journeys” they go to meet Moses, Joseph, Noah and Esther and come to realise that God is the driver in all their lives. Two schools could attend which meant 60 children and 8 adults came with 12 church members and friends to provide and support the workshops.

The Good Samaritan (Hope Journey Parables) is offered in each of the schools to F2 children (Foundation Second Year) during the summer term. Because of the age of the children we visit the schools, working with 130 children and their staff. 21 adults provided the workshops including some of the Hope Journey team. The presentation involves telling the story supported by a power point, puppet theatre and role play punctuated by three different craft activities.

During Advent we offer Journey to Bethlehem to Y2 pupils. The children have the opportunity to meet Mary (with baby Jesus), Joseph, the Angel Gabriel, a wise man, a shepherd and the inn keeper. Each session involves a ten minute slot of talking through their part in the story of Christmas and then questions are invited from the children. We then offer a craft activity; this year it was an easy-to-assemble Christmas card of the nativity story. Drinks and a biscuit were followed by a retelling of the Christmas Story. Finally each of the characters they met light “their” Advent candle and we have a time of prayer. The children are also given an invitation to the Christmas services, particularly the Crib Service, and the adults were given a church Christmas card. In all 155 children attended the three half day events along with about 15 school adults. A total of 23 church members and friends worked together at church to produce a highly successful day. Lunch was provided for all helpers, raising money for Action for Children.

Further good news!

During 2016 we were also invited to provide a monthly Whole School Assembly at one of the schools, which has been done.

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