The five young men are unseen behind the blue curtain as the puppets they operate mime to “Jesus fed five thousand…” – a parody, with the same stirring tune, of ‘The Proclaimers – 500 miles’.  This contributes to our Sunday morning café-style worship.

It takes me back 50 years to a youth service that I and other teenagers led using “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah” as we celebrated God’s love.  Which then reminds me of the elderly worshipper who stayed away because it would be different to her usual service.

At a recent Circuit Meeting, I heard the comment: “I am too old to go to a Church like Charing Cross”.

Charing Cross is a Church that cherishes her history and can tell many remarkable stories of an eventful and fruitful past – some of you reading this were nurtured there so you know!    But, however much we might want to, we shouldn’t cling to the past and miss opportunities to embrace God’s future, however scary that might seem.

Charing Cross is a church with people of all ages:  0 – 90 years, with a lot of them in their 20s.  We encourage everyone to use their gifts whatever they are – puppetry, music, tea-making, sound system, projection, reading, craft, chatting, refreshments, minibus driving, welcoming …..

What is our future?  Well, we don’t know.  We are open to anything.  And I really mean anything.  Our church building either should be knocked down – before it falls down – and rebuilt or we need to sell up and be somewhere else.  So we are on a journey of faith and trust and discovery.

Our next stop on this journey is a gradual move into Tranmere Church building.  This excites us as we have some good community links in the area: the local primary school, young people, families and some older citizens – people attend the occasional activities that we hold.  We know that we can be ‘church’ in this place.  For now, we are still based in Charing Cross but starting to increase our presence in Tranmere.

What of our ministry and mission in Birkenhead Town Centre – which Methodism has served so well over the years?  We are now thinking, with the help of the Methodist District and Circuit, about how we can keep that presence.  There may eventually be a new Church building or use of an existing building or a presence with another church or something totally different or…..  .

We await the future with excitement and some trepidation.  Please pray for us; both our present and our future.  Your support means a lot to us.

–  Helen Jobling