St. George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem

About twenty years ago I found myself at a communion service at St. George’s cathedral in Jerusalem on Easter Sunday.

The communion table was in a large open space in the centre of the cathedral but with no provision for the communicants to kneel to take the bread and wine. Consequently the congregation of sixty plus men, women and children stood in a circle round the table.

The Presbyter moved round the circle giving bread to the communicants, followed by two ladies with chalices giving the opportunity to drink the wine.

As the Presbyter came to me, we made eye contact. In that brief moment, when our eyes met, I saw the Lord; a moment that will stay with me for ever. It was not a weepy, emotional experience but totally unexpected and spiritual.

I know He was killed on the Friday, of that there is no doubt whatsoever. What I can say is that I know He is alive. I have seen Him, in Jerusalem on the Sunday.

Robin Carlisle, Bromborough Methodist Church