The primitive Methodists first met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Cooke in 1869, when they opened their home at Irby Hill Farm to friends and neighbours to join them for worship.

Through their faith and witness they were able to build a chapel in the stockyard across the road from the farm in 1881. This became affectionately known as the ‘Tin Chapel’ .



Services continued here until 1936. As the village grew, so did the Church congregation and we moved to our present Church to accommodate the larger number of worshippers.









We will be holding an Anniversary Dinner on Friday, 25th October and an Anniversary Service, led by our former minister, the Rev. Charles New, on Sunday 27th October. On the days of June 7th 8th and 9th, we are holding a “Flower Festival”. The theme is “Lord for the Years.”

This is a truly huge undertaking, and our thanks go to The Wirral Flower Club and Anne Williams for their enthusiasm and skill, in leading us in this project. We would like the occasion to be inspiring and uplifting and to stimulate a community spirit. All are welcome to visit: the doors will open at 10.00 am.