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Christmas Angels

Did you hear about the ‘Yarn Bombing’ of Christmas Angels? It started December 2015 in Tynemouth. They had knitted 2,870 Angels and early one morning a team of people went out and they tied them to railings, hooked them on doors – anywhere really. Whilst doing this they were able to have conversations with people too. It certainly cheered people up on a damp, cold December morning! The press got hold of what the church had done and they found themselves on Look North.
Last year it was opened up to other churches and circuits. In about 20 different locations, 20,586 angels were distributed.
Along with the Angel is a tag which can be customized to the local area. There are some set guidelines for this, but space is available for a message or an invitation.
We would love it if on a cold, dull December morning all over the Wirral angels appeared to share the message of the wonder of Christmas.
There is a short video presentation: please click this link to see it. If your church would like to be involved please do get in touch with us . Also, if you are willing and able, please will you knit us some angels?We have a very simple pattern available (so simple that even Emma, a very novice knitter, can manage). You can use these links to download the pattern for knitting or for crocheting.
We are also going to have an Angel Knitter Group meeting at the Wirral Methodist Centre on a Wednesday afternoon between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. There is no need to come every week or even for the whole 2 hours; just drop in and chat and get to know others from across the circuit.
Let us get ready to share the love of Christ in this way together.

Food and Friends at St. Luke’s Hoylake

‘Food & Friends’ Lunch Club is open between 11:45 AM – 1:30 PM every Friday at St Luke’s Methodist Church in Hoylake.  We have on average 24 people per week sharing a free meal together.  Many of our members have social phobias and mental health issues, and therefore struggle with loneliness and social skills.
The Club is linked to the ‘Places of Welcome’ network (go online to to see their support program). We are also linked to ABCD (Asset-Based Community Development), which is a support network for local projects across Wirral.
We offer Life Skills coaching, membership of a local gym, financial support with hobby and skills courses, and a monthly day out.  In March we began a monthly ‘Wellbeing’ walk, which includes focusing on the environment that we walk in. The walks start at 10:00 AM from St Luke’s Church, Market Street, Hoylake – all are welcome.
For further details contact Clive McLaren, email:

Saturday Club at St. Luke’s Hoylake

For the last 53 years each 1st Saturday afternoon of the month (excluding August) St. Luke’s, Hoylake has hosted their Saturday Club.
The purpose of the club is twofold – to encourage and stimulate the members; who have a variety of learning difficulties; to be more able to integrate with one another and the community around them. Additionally, to provide respite for the members parents /carers.
At present there are 23 regular members who attend. Our leaders are of varying age to enable all aspects of care and understanding that is required by our members.
Each meeting has an activity and a special time when all sit down for afternoon tea and celebrate together.
Through demonstration of love and friendships and staff skills, we have encouraged new areas of activity alongside old favourites, to our members; all of which have been readily received. Such activities as painting, craft, baking, Zumba, sport, puppets, board games, gardening and drama.
We aim to build on these skills and activities to encourage new horizons for our members to be fulfilled, and leave each session with a love, warmth and knowledge that they are all enhancing everyone’s lives and are truly loved by God.

Prayer Shawl Ministry at Little Sutton

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry is growing and these are well received by those who need them at a time in their lives when they need some warmth and love. The shawls are blessed in a church service before they are taken out by one of our members.  This does not have to be someone from our own church; they can be given to anyone.
The following prayers are laminated and sent out with the shawls or blankets.  I hope this will encourage more churches around the circuit to get involved with this wonderful ministry.
These can be crocheted or knitted and bring comfort to those who receive them. You can read more about this ministry on Google under Prayer Shawls.
This is a shawl to encircle you.
This is a shawl to empower you.
This is to show you I love you.
This is a shawl of protection.
This is a shawl of wholeness.
This is a shawl of strength.
This is a shawl of healing.
This is a shawl of patience.
“Remember, when you rest your gift on your shoulders or across your lap, you are covered in prayer as well as the love of your church family. Wear it for its beauty, for its warmth, for its solace, for comfort in prayer.”
“The person who made your shawl prayed while they were making it.  That person may not have known your name or your circumstances but their prayer was that this shawl would bring you God’s comfort for the challenges you are facing.”

Bromborough Network Group

According to the dictionary we are a group who communicate with each other to exchange information & establish new links. The former definition is certainly true if the level of conversation before and after our meetings is anything to go by!
The new links are forged by our speakers whose subjects range from the John Lewis Partnership to Lapland in a Day & from Hooton Airfield to Oman – Jewel of the Middle East. We particularly enjoyed a talk on Port Sunlight River Park and Rev. Kim Goh’s Journey to the Ministry.
Several members, holiday experiences have been highlighted including Kirchentag, Celtic Pilgrimage, Vietnam, Kilimanjaro, New Zealand, USA, Pilgrimage to Turkey, Uganda and others.
We have organised guided tours to various places, afternoon teas and visits to local pantos in January.
Along the way we support the District Project and many deserving charities too numerous to mention but always gratefully received. In spite of promoting ourselves as a friendly group, we can be rebellious in that we choose to retain our title of NETWORK rather than METHODIST WOMEN IN BRITAIN as we are happy to welcome any menfolk who are brave enough to join us, in fact the refreshments served before the business of the evening are prepared and distributed by MEN!
All are welcome to join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.45pm in the fellowship room at Bromborough Methodist Church, Allport Lane.
THE NETWORK PRAYER : Loving God, your care is ever present at all times and in all places. May we share your call by making our church a welcoming place in which each person is valued and encouraged. As we go from here, help us to show your love in our daily lives, Amen.
Judy and Stan Wilkinson, Bromborough Methodist Church


Families and Young People

Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline – Report

Friday Club wishes to thank everyone for the donations of money, socks and underwear, packets of food and seeds, tin openers, plasters, trainers and any other items to the above charity.
Thank you to those who helped in any way on the day of the visit and to those who helped with packing the stationery bags.  We were able to give the children, their leaders and their helpers a lovely lunch. A bag containing lots of stationery was given to each child and the leaders. They were also presented with a greetings card made by Friday Club, hats, mittens and scarves knitted by the Coffee and Craft group, and a hat especially for the ice skating session knitted by Eileen Perkins, along with gloves donated by David from Little Sutton Pharmacy.
A donation of £1764.00  was presented to the charity at the farewell party. We were once again overwhelmed by the extent of your support for these children who do not enjoy a lot of the things we take for granted.  The report of the Children’s visit is attached.
Thank you once again for the part you played in helping us with this venture.  We could not do this without you, our church family and friends, along with our circuit friends and other churches.
Thank you to Wilkinson’s, ASDA and Sainsbury’s for their support and also to The Art & Craft Factory in Huddersfield for pencil cases and craft materials.
Click here to download a report of the visit.
Marion and Kathy, Little Sutton

Fun on the beach

Saturday 8th July saw the St Luke’s church youth group and Bromborough’s Late Night Lock In join together for an evening of fun and fellowship on the beach at Hoylake.
Various games were played, including two highly competitive games of beach rounders. The young people (and older helpers!) from each church were spread across the two teams to help get to know each other. Light snacks and drinks were kindly provided by St Luke’s.
The evening finished with a prayer led by Peter Reast and a commitment for Bromborough to return the hospitality later in the year.
Thanks to all those who organised and took part in what was a fun filled evening. – Alan Brown

Toasty Church at Bromborough

Back in 2011 Toasty Ted – aided and abetted by Rev Marcus Torchon, Deacon Ruth Lackenby and Emma Sofayo – started Toasty Church: monthly worship for children aged 7 and under (and their slightly older siblings), and their parents or other carers. Worship was held on the first Saturday of each month and was based on a ‘Messy Church’ model.
The good news is that it’s still going strong over five years on, with anything from 12 to 38 people (children and adults) worshipping together every month (and eating vast quantities of TOAST).
We have been asked if it’s really worship – after all, it happens on a Saturday, and it involves fun, and running around, and chatting, and eating TOAST, and we don’t sing hymns. Our answer is yes: this is worship. We gather in God’s presence; every family joins in a prayer as they arrive; everyone is engaged in fun learning activities – crafts, games, puzzles and more reflective activities, all suited to the age of the children – finding out about Bible stories, about Jesus, about Christian festivals, and about our relationship with God and with other people.
Before we get to the TOAST we spend a quieter time together: hearing a story, sharing our experiences and our concerns, and bringing these to God in prayer. Marcus, Ruth and Emma have moved on, but Toasty Ted (and now his helper Tilly Ted), aided and abetted by a team of leaders and helpers, still welcomes us all – children, parents, foster carers, grandparents and occasional adult visitors, to come to worship and learn together.
Since Toasty started, over 70 children have come to church on a Saturday morning. Some are visitors who only come once or twice: some have come every month for several years (we’ve had regulars up to 10 years old). Some even started coming before they were born! All are made welcome, and we believe that all are blessed and bless others by their presence.
Toasty Church meets at Bromborough Methodist Church from 10.30 to 11.45am on the first Saturday of each month (except August). If you want more information, please contact Veronica (0151-328-1761) or Andrew (0151-334-0057).

Hope Journey at Bromborough

Bromborough Methodist Church is working with children from Reaburn, Mendell and Woodslee Primary Schools. This is a summary of the work January to December 2016.
We offered the Hope Journey Epiphany event to all 3 schools. 124 Year 1 children and more than 21 adults witnessed a very exciting presentation of the visit of the Wise Men to the baby Jesus. 12 church members and friends worked with the Hope Journey team. Drinks and biscuits were provided for the children and all the children left with a card Wise Man to lead them back to school and safely home. Each group (9 groups) took home their map of their journey with stars of their gifts for Jesus written or drawn on them.
During Lent the church offers Journey to the Cross and Beyond for Year 5 pupils. The 153 children and 18 school adults met Mary and the Roman Soldier. They also experienced Palm Sunday and being at the Last Supper. Other workshops were “The Coventry Cross” and “Live Life, Love Lent”. After drinks and biscuits, they did a craft, making a paper cross. Prayers and the giving out of Palm crosses and Easter Cards finished the session. As at Christmas, helpers had lunch together. There were 24 church members and friends helping.
In the summer term we offered Journeying with Old Testament Characters (Year 4 children), which was originally requested by the schools to support their curriculum. After discussing “journeys” they go to meet Moses, Joseph, Noah and Esther and come to realise that God is the driver in all their lives. Two schools could attend which meant 60 children and 8 adults came with 12 church members and friends to provide and support the workshops.
The Good Samaritan (Hope Journey Parables) is offered in each of the schools to F2 children (Foundation Second Year) during the summer term. Because of the age of the children we visit the schools, working with 130 children and their staff. 21 adults provided the workshops including some of the Hope Journey team. The presentation involves telling the story supported by a power point, puppet theatre and role play punctuated by three different craft activities.
During Advent we offer Journey to Bethlehem to Y2 pupils. The children have the opportunity to meet Mary (with baby Jesus), Joseph, the Angel Gabriel, a wise man, a shepherd and the inn keeper. Each session involves a ten minute slot of talking through their part in the story of Christmas and then questions are invited from the children. We then offer a craft activity; this year it was an easy-to-assemble Christmas card of the nativity story. Drinks and a biscuit were followed by a retelling of the Christmas Story. Finally each of the characters they met light “their” Advent candle and we have a time of prayer. The children are also given an invitation to the Christmas services, particularly the Crib Service, and the adults were given a church Christmas card. In all 155 children attended the three half day events along with about 15 school adults. A total of 23 church members and friends worked together at church to produce a highly successful day. Lunch was provided for all helpers, raising money for Action for Children.
Further good news!
During 2016 we were also invited to provide a monthly Whole School Assembly at one of the schools, which has been done.
For further information contact Dave or Anne Williams (

Late Night Lock-In at Bromborough

Late Night Lock In (LNLI) is a group for young people of secondary school age which meets in the evening of the second Saturday each month at Bromborough Methodist Church.
We welcome the young people from all church backgrounds and none; some of our regular attenders have other links to the church whilst for some LNLI is the church and we are very happy to see all of them when they come.
The activities are a mixture of discussions, crafts, video and film including creating films ourselves, plus some games. There is also a light supper of different types of food each month, some of which may be linked to the theme of the evening.
We often create a piece of art to be placed in the church so the Sunday worshippers can see what the group has been doing.
Each session finishes with an act of worship which draws together all the activities of the night.
The supervisors and helpers are all DBS checked and have completed the relevant safeguarding courses.
All young people from other churches in the circuit are welcome to come by themselves or with a leader from their own church.