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Adults and Community

Irby Wives and Irby Ladies

Irby Methodist Church Wives and Friends Society has served the needs of its members and friends for over 56 years. It was founded by a group of church members, mostly young, stay at home mums who wanted to meet together as a midweek fellowship. Originally called Irby Methodist Church Young Wives, the society has had 17 different presidents, numerous members serving on the committee and many members (now mostly retired) attending the meetings over the years.
It now meets at 8.00p.m on the second Thursday of the month. The notices may have changed from announcing the birth of a child to a member, to the safe arrival of a grandchild or even great grandchild, but the aim has stayed the same, to share in fellowship, love and friendship.
Some of the early members still come regularly to the meetings and the group was delighted to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of its founder members in September while a number of 80th birthdays have been celebrated over the last few years.
Our yearly programme consists of speakers talking about their experiences in their work life or their special interest or hobby, social evenings and outings possibly to the theatre or places of interest.  The membership has increased over the last few years to 57 with around 36 attending each meeting.  Today the group is made up of ladies who worship at Irby Methodist Church or other local churches and ladies who live in the surrounding areas of Pensby,  Greasby, Heswall, and Barnston. All are made very welcome.
Every meeting begins with the Wives Prayer thanking God for the blessings and joy he gives the group. Members of the group plan and participate in two more acts of worship throughout the year. In December the coming of Christmas is celebrated with a candlelit service held café-style in the hall and on the first Sunday in March an anniversary service is held in church with a guest preacher to lead the worship.
Care and support is given to wives and friends who have been unwell, bereaved or required hospital treatment by sending a card, giving flowers and having a visit.  Besides supporting each other the group likes to support a local charity choosing a different one each year. Nowadays there are few “stay at home mums” but we are delighted that the tradition continues and a new group known as “ Irby Methodist Mums” now meets in our church lounge (work and families permitting)  to share in fellowship and support each other.
In the words of part of the Wives Prayer “may we find that each meeting makes us more fit for one another and for Thee, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.” Amen
Ruth, Wives President
We also have a Ladies Fellowship which has been meeting together for many years and now is an ecumenical fellowship with ladies from the Mothers Union of our local parish church of St. Chad’s with St. Bartholomew’s. We meet fortnightly and manage to have a varied programme with speakers and not too many “ Own Arrangements” meetings.  We also hold a twice yearly soup lunch with proceeds going to MWiB’s charity for the year. We offer a warm and friendly welcome to all who wish to join us for fellowship.
Jean, President

Irby Methodist and Irby Luncheon Club

The relationship between Irby Methodist Church and Irby Luncheon Club goes back over more than 10 years, when The Luncheon Club first started to use the church hall.
Irby Luncheon Club was set up 35 years ago to provide a meeting place  and a 3-course hot lunch once a week for anyone in need.  It provides a social time for the elderly who have mobility problems, for newcomers to the area who have moved to be near their children and grandchildren and for the bereaved and widowed.  As a result, many friendships have been formed. The club provides days out for the less mobile and short holidays for the more able.
It provides a stepping stone for people who want to volunteer before returning to work, whether they be mums when their children have gone to school or those who have been away from work with long term illness. Some Church members are also volunteer helpers at Luncheon Club
The Club has had links with the local schools, both primary and secondary and has much support from the Methodist Church where it meets.  In turn, the club supports the Church and runs a cake stall at the Christmas Fair. Many members and helpers support functions that are arranged.  The Club is very appreciative of the great support and excellent facilities provided by the Church
As the Club approaches its 36th year its aim is to encourage younger people to volunteer.  Only 3 of the original helpers are left, one of whom is in her 80’s and well qualified to be a recipient herself!
Judy Tyson, Luncheon Club Volunteer

A Meal with a Message

OASIS is a lunch club run by a team of volunteers at Greasby Methodist Church. We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday serving home made soup with a roll, sandwiches, fruit, cake and a cup of tea. During the meal a Christian message is given by one of our team –  Rev. Ken Owen, our local Anglican vicar, our own ministry team, Rev. Kim Goh and Judith Stelfox,  and other invited speakers. During the 6 weeks of Lent we met each week and followed the “I am” sayings of Jesus. We had 50 people attend each week and were able to send £400 to Christian Aid.
Throughout the year we have an average of 30 people attending and it is a wonderful time of sharing food, fellowship and a Christian message with our church members, our Anglican friends and the wider community.


Families and Young People

INSPIRE 2018 @ Liverpool Parish Church

On Friday 9th November the Children and Schools work team along with volunteers from across the   circuit co-led a service for peace at Liverpool Parish Church.

During the service pupils were encouraged to think of ways in which they could spread peace within their own communities. Prayers for peace were written on poppies and each child brought a peace butterfly which was suspended from the ceiling of the church.

Throughout the day three services were held with almost 1000 children plus their staff and parents in attendance.

This was the first time that our team have worked with Liverpool Parish Church, but through planning and leading this service a great ecumenical relationship has been forged.

Nicola Langton-Miller, Wirral Circuit Schools worker & Hope Journey Co-Ordinator

Funday Sunday at Irby

Our children have enjoyed a variety of activities on Funday Sunday – many of which included getting messy and eating, alongside learning about the life of Jesus and what the Bible can teach them.
In June we had our Pet Service and thankfully once again God’s little creatures behaved themselves – and the animals did too! 😊
Summer started with a Funday Sunday at Thurstaston including games hunts and pond dipping followed by a BBQ. During the summer holidays we had the “Singing the Faith with a Bacon Butty” service – not to everyone’s taste, but a different way of presenting the Christian message. Parents and church rallied round to help. One of the rainbows brought a tear to the eyes, singing “What a wonderful world”.
Our Toy Service was again very well attended – with many bleary eyed following the Brownie and Guide Sleepover. This was followed by a Christmas Party in the hall, with donated cakes and a hot butty (thanks to Margaret Griffiths for the idea and to the generous donor who bought the beef!). I know that those there enjoyed their time in fun and fellowship and it was very poignant to finish by singing “Auld Lang Syne” together.
We had Breakfast with Santa which ended in Church. We had games, heard more about the very first Christmas and – of course – bacon butties with the mandatory “Tommy Ketchup”.
On Palm Sunday we had “Messy Church” which we went through Holy Week with different crafts and stories and finished with the Easter Egg Hunt courtesy of Kim and Mary who donated the egg money.
Recently our young people’s groups have assisted with the parents and leaders to fundraise for Church and have raised just over £350 through two table sales.
We look forward to the next year and hopefully encouraging other families to come along to Irby for friendship, fun and fellowship. Many thanks to all who have helped or contributed in anyway supporting the young people on their journey through life.
Linda Renmans and the Funday Sunday Team

Irby Methodist Church Uniformed Organisations

1st Irby Rainbows
We have a very active and varied programme planned during each term. Last year the Rainbows earned various Rainbow Roundabout badges and took part in challenges including the Claire House Challenge and Superhero Challenge.
The Rainbow leader stepped down after nearly 30 years and another leader who had finished university took over as leader with 2 new leaders in training to support her. We have 20 girls meeting each week making new friends and learning about the Guiding family.
We have joint sessions during the term with the other local Rainbow unit including trips to a pantomime and local farm. Christmas Activity day was spent making crafts, reindeer food and receiving a gift from Santa after sending him our letters by special delivery.
2nd Irby Brownies
During the past few months the girls had a weekend away in Shrewsbury and just prior to Christmas a visit to the lanterns at Chester Zoo followed by a sleepover in the Church Hall with some of the Guides. They have covered many badges and enjoyed several outings including Claremont Farm, Riverview Park, The Butterfly Park and pond dipping locally at Thurstaston Country Park. We look forward to making more memories for our young people.
2nd Irby Guides
Our Guides have been involved with many nature activities including making bird feeders, woodland art and games by torchlight in the local woods. (Very well supervised and risk assessed! 😊)
We visited Chester Zoo for the lanterns prior to Christmas, followed by a sleepover. We have not long completed the Clever Clogs Engineering Programme which included many activities such as an Drop Challenge and making “Slime”. Recently we covered our Thinking Day theme of our “Impact” on others around us and on our environment. Very thought provoking. Since Easter we have been “getting active” and looking at water safety.

Just for Toddlers at Greasby

At Greasby we run a very popular Toddlers’ group on a Monday morning, with 20-25 adults and up to about 40 children aged 0-4 attending regularly.
We have a wide variety of toys for the children including ride-on toys, a slide, dolls and pushchairs, bricks and Lego, jigsaws, playdough, a kitchen and a garage with lots of small cars. We also have a selection of books supplied by Irby library, a new selection every term.
During the morning the children have a drink of juice or water and a biscuit and the adults have a cup of tea or coffee with a biscuit.  The morning finishes with Rachel or Sue leading us in the singing of action songs, some new but always including plenty of old favourites.  The children love this part of the morning and join in enthusiastically!
At Christmas we had a very successful Christmas Party.  Rachel led us in a Nativity service in the Church.  The children were all involved in this and it was much appreciated by the parents and carers.  This was followed by party food and a sing-a-long. As the children left they were given a booklet telling the story of Jesus’ birth.
Our thanks are due to our team of about 15 willing volunteers who help to set out the hall, make the coffee or work with the children and adults in the hall – it is due to their hard work and dedication that this group is so popular and really appreciated and valued by those who come.
Jean Chamberlain

Mission and Outreach to Children and Families in Greasby

Exciting times at Greasby! Here are just some of the ways we are working with families in our community.
Hope Journey
Hope Journey is now enjoyed by all three schools in the local community – Brookdale Primary School, Greasby Infants School and Greasby Junior School – a programme which has built up over six years.

Epiphany – Journey with the Kings (Year 1)
Meet The Characters (Year 2)
Cre-8 (Year 4)
Cross Factor (Year 5)
Remembering (Year 6)

This year we are also presenting Explore for Year 3 and Sharing Parables for F2, so that the children can attend Greasby Methodist Church once a year for a different Hope Journey.  At the end of this academic year nearly every child in the Greasby community will have visited us, as well as the staff and many parents who accompany the children. Children are presented with a gift bag which may include a story book, gift (a pencil or bracelet), prayer cards, colouring leaflets, a welcome to GMC, an invitation to Messy Church, a Say One for Me request card – as well as a sweet treat!  We hope our gospel messages are shared with families at home.  This year we will have welcomed 529 children and 79 adults into church.  The evaluation feedback is amazing – they just want more!
Messy Church
Messy Church has been offered every third Saturday (except August) since September 2014.  We follow a traditional format – a welcome with refreshments, a time of activities (food, craft, games) learning about the theme, followed by family worship and a meal together to talk about what we have been learning.  Whilst attendance averages over 70, it was a joy to welcome 90+ for a Messy Christmas.  This year we combined Messy Christmas with a Christingle, which was very much appreciated by all.  Our feedback forms (placed on dinner tables) ask two questions – Today was good because… and ‘Even better if….  Through this we have learnt that families want Messy Church every week.  What a challenge! But the Lord continues to provide and meet our every need and we continue to thank Him for this wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with families in Greasby.
Ecumenical Assembly Team (EAT)
Greasby Methodist Church works in partnership with St John’s Anglican church as EAT, presenting assemblies at each of our three local schools on alternative weeks. Following The Greatest Story Ever Told, the children hear an introduction, the story taught through drama, a Christian message, a lively action song and a closing prayer. In addition, children, staff and parents from the three schools attend Christmas services at St Johns’.  The Junior School visit the Methodist Church for an Easter Celebration in Lent each year – 380 attended this year!  All Year 6 children are presented with a copy of the Scripture Union ‘It’s Your Move’, signed and jointly funded by the churches.  Church members attend Harvest celebrations and also support the schools in other ways – listening to readers , and as members of the Governing Body.  What a joy and a privilege that the schools allow us to share the gospel so regularly with all members of the school community.
Sue Elliott